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Sarah Burden's SMB Media Solutions is transforming the digital landscape for businesses ​and brands in Dungarvan and across Ireland, starting from the core belief that every ​journey begins with a simple idea. Whether it’s launching a new business, transforming ​a hobby into something more, or bringing a creative project to life, the impact of your ​online storytelling can be pivotal. Incorporating social media, content creation, and ​social ads into your marketing mix can significantly boost your business's success.

Located in Dungarvan, SMB Media Solutions taps into Sarah’s extensive two-decade ​branding and marketing expertise from her tenure at Sony Pictures London to bolster ​the growth of local enterprises and solo entrepreneurs. With a laser focus on a select ​range of services, we are committed to uplifting your digital footprint and enhancing ​audience engagement.

Our approach includes dynamic social media management to elevate your online ​persona, custom content creation to engage and captivate, comprehensive website ​design for an unmatched online identity, and strategic branding to clearly articulate ​your business ethos. Moreover, we craft distinctive logos, produce eye-catching ​signage, and deploy targeted email marketing and social ad campaigns to foster ​business growth.

SMB Media Solutions can revolutionise your digital strategy and propel your business to ​new heights in the competitive market landscape. For a deeper insight into our services ​and how they can benefit your project or business, we encourage you to explore our ​services page.

dreams start their journey to reality, guided by our dedication to your success.

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Founder & CEO

Hilary Britton.

If, like me, you are a small business owner constantly struggling to fit everything into ​your day and just have no energy left to keep up with advertising, then honestly call ​Sarah at SMB Media Solutions!

Since taking Sarah on two months ago, my sales have increased and "gone" is that ​constant nagging feeling that I'm not doing all those Facebook posts and Instagram ​Reels that I see other businesses running … Leaving me with a clear head, to get on with ​what I’m good at.

Sarah has years in the business and her great understanding of this market has enabled ​her to quickly grasp my vision for The Getaway. She has targeted our niche audience, ​focused on growing the brand and this has immediately reached more customers.

What is more, the packages offered are very reasonably priced and cater for varying ​business sizes. Coupled with Sarah's absolute dedication to her work, you really won't ​be disappointed.

Truly, I just wish I'd called her sooner !

Hilary Britton

The Getaway Eco Camp (Dungarvan)

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